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Offering an alternative facility for dental manufacturers to out-source their research and testing needs. 

We have been offering Dental Product Testing (DPT) since 2005. Our DPT division was initiated to assist dental manufacturers in product development and testing. Therametric Technologies has expertise in developing, implementing, and conducting numerous testing methodologies for a variety of oral care products and devices.
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Therametric Technologies offers services pertaining to prospective agents and formulation design. This bespoke service is designed to satisfy a client’s need for specific goals (e.g., whitening, sensitivity relief, antiplaque, etc). Basic or full formulations are developed for the client, allowing the client to pursue production of its new product.

Additionally, Therametric Technologies provides testing of a formulation’s stability and efficacy are frequently needed to ensure a products stability and is working as intended and marketed over a specific period of time. These routinely performed ‘quality control’ tests are conducted on fluoridated products (e.g., stability, total and/or free-fluoride) and dental bleaching products (e.g., peroxide content).

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