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Dental Product Laboratory Testing

Therametric Technologies offers a wide variety of testing protocols covering many of the standard required tests for dentifrices and mouth rinses. We’re capable of performing tests required by the FDA and ADA for oral care product approval and claims substantiation.

Here are some examples of the types of testing we offer:

  • Enamel Fluoride Uptake (EFU)
  • Enamel Solubility Reduction (ESR)
  • Radioactive Dentin Abrasion (RDA)
  • Radioactive Enamel Abrasion (REA)
  • Pellicle Cleaing Ratio (PCR)
  • Total and Soluble Fluoride Tests
  • Fluoride Stability Tests
  • In Vitro Whitening Tests
  • In Situ Remin-Demin Tests
  • Laboratory Remineralization Tests
  • Standard pH Cycling Tests
  • Erosion Tests and Profilometry Analysis

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On-Site Specimen Processing

Our DPT division engineers custom enamel and dentin specimens used for testing from extracted human and bovine sources. We have our own on-site specimen processing lab where detailed drilling, cutting, mounting, and polishing of these specimens takes place. These specimens are then used for our in-house studies and are also sold to sponsors on-demand for their personal testing needs.

Oral Product Development

The Cutting Edge of

Dental Product Requirements

The laboratory testing portfolio at Therametric is constantly being revised and updated. We are involved in ADA and ISO standards development, so we are on the cutting edge of dental product requirements.

We are one of the few labs that performs dentin and enamel abrasion (safety) testing using the preferred ADA and ISO radiotracer method. The former and current President and CEO were instrumental in developing the current state of the art, clinically correlated, stain removal model published in 1986.

The labs routinely perform enamel fluoride uptake (EFU) studies and enamel solubility reduction (ESR) studies to measure fluoride efficacy. Remineralization and enamel repair studies are performed using pH cycling (White modified by Schemehorn) and the Featherstone models. Enamel polish studies are performed using light reflectance spectrophotometers.

In addition, fluoride content, fluoride release and fast fluoride release from toothpastes are determined for ADA Seal of Acceptance, ISO and QA for manufacturers.

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