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Therametric Technologies offers high quality oral health services that help your products exceed customer expectations.

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Product Testing

As new oral care products are developed, periodic testing to monitor formulation progress and changes is necessary to assure the product has the quality required and is performing as expected. These laboratory tests are routinely performed at Therametric Technologies.
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Clinical Studies

Once a product is ready for the marketplace, Therametric can perform clinical trials as needed. Fluoride efficacy tests, salivary peroxide tests, salivary stimulation tests and other clinical trials are routinely performed in our clinics.
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R&D Services

Therametric offers a bespoke service to assist clients in identifying prospective agents and formulation design to be a specific goal.
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Societal Impact

Our core mission is to help people to live better and healthier lives through advancements in oral health care.

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Therametric Technologies has proven to be a key partner for companies looking to develop and improve product innovations.

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We understand the importance of product quality, and TTI can help you provide your customers with products they can trust.

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Long-Term Customer Relationships

We at Perrigo have relied for years on the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of Therametric Technologies to ensure we understand oral care products and how they perform. We feel confident of receiving useful advice on evaluation methods as well as accurate and reliable results from this premier organization when they do testing. Therametric provides the oral care industry with first class service.

Perrigo Oral Care

Working with Therametric Technologies has been remarkable and note-worthy for Procter & Gamble. Throughout our business partnership, Therametric Technologies and its technical staff have consistently demonstrated scientific rigor, technical capability, competence, and responsiveness in all dental product tests that we have requested. Working together, we generated scientific data for our products to assure compliance with the FDA and ADA requirements and to provide insights relevant for product efficacy and safety. They are best in class in the services they provide.

Eva Schneiderman, Ph.D.

Director, Oral Care

Proctor & Gamble

Haleon have utilised and benefited from TTI’s numerous in-vitro methodologies to support the development of Oral Health products, and deliver everyday healthcare to our consumers.


Therametric Research Facility

Featuring a 26,000 square foot

Research Facility

Our 26,000 square foot, ADA-Qualified research facility includes wet labs, specialty labs, clinical research operatories, secure product storage areas, administrative offices, a sterilization area and a Quality Assurance office. We are fully equipped to handle lab research and clinical studies.

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